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The Ming Realities Lexicon

By RL Gray

Dokarian (dō-KAR-ee-ăn) words

einen: EYE-nen – a small white flower that grows in the mountains of Dokar

sasha:  SAH-shah – a Dokarian endearment meaning “little niece”

tormeck:  TOR-mӗk – a Dokarian animal, similar to a rabbit

umen:  OO-mӗn – a very tall species of Dokarian tree with extremely hard wood

Zesh:  zӗsh – the Dokarian deity


Hakosian words (hay-KOH-see-an) words

begsa:  BӖG-sah – your mother

la panku:  la-PĂN-koo – like shit

shan:  shahn – smells


Leptran (LĔP-trăn) words

frela:  FRӖ-lah – a small animal similar to a cat

gorlan:  GŌR-lăn – an animal similar to a hog

hansashak: hahn-say-shak - welcome

Mensha happ cre’souzen: men-sha hap cray soozen – a polite phrase meaning ‘it is my pleasure’

traylik:  TRĀ-lĭk – a combination spoon and cutting implement used for eating


Sung’nian (SOONG-nee-ăn) words

axet:  ĂX-ӗt – serpent

doma:  DŌH-mah – a small savory fruit similar to an olive

Fen’vulu:  fӗn-VŪ-lū – dark power; an ancient Sung’nian religion similar to voodoo

Jogah:  JŌH-gah – dragon

loujey:  LOO-jāy – fencing

monticore:  MŌN-tĭ-core – a large animal similar to a horse that looks more like a cat

Ponte’reshta: pont-resh-tah – born third

sung’pesh:  soong-PӖSH – the Sung’nian equivalent of the exclamation ‘My God’

tashon:  TĂ-shŏn – a cad, a disagreeable lothario


Teletian (tӗl-EE-shŭn) words

Ahmet:  AH-mӗt – the name of the largest Continent on Telet

amaset:  ĂM-a-set – Teletian tea

anela:  ah-NAY-lah – couple

ashtal:  ĂSH-tahl – dark

asum-sha:  ah-SOOM-shah – my angel

azehl:  AH-zӗhl – evanescent

bevik-tannas:  BӖ-vi᷃k TAH-nahs – plateau dwellings

chalsa:  CHAHL-sah – a variety of evergreen tree indigenous to Telet

ché:  chӗ – of, or, from

cho:  chō – powerful

Cho-Petla:  cho-PӖT-lah – powerful movement

Cho-shen:  cho-SHӖN – powerful feeling

É-Las:  Ӗ-lahs – the Teletian deity

ӗlun / ӗluna:  Ӗ-loon / Ӗ-loon-ah – husband / wife

ésu:  EH-soo – love

fam-ketak:  făm-KӖ-ta᷃k – an off color phrase meaning the equivalent of ‘holy shit’

fris:  frĭs – happy

frisanta: frĭs-ahn-tah – happiness

haltak:  HAHL-tahk – attention, or, ‘take notice’

hamsa:  HAHM-sah – times, or periods of time

hasa:  HAH-sah – white

hilsum:  HĬL-sŭm – hills

kahrisi:  kah-RĬ-see – butterfly

kai:  kī (as in high) – flaming

kwal:  kwahl – will

Kwitek:  KWĬ-tek – the Teletian city that sits in the valley below Kai-Rahvelan

lus:  loos – approaches

macca:  MAH-kah – a dark colored Teletian wood

maj:  mahj – to be

makéma:  mah-KӖ-mah – sister

makémo:  mah-KӖ-moh – brother

maket:  MĂ-kӗt – shield

mapek:  MĂ -pӗk – granite

narunos:  nah-ROO-nohs – savory dumplings

Pantu:  PAHN-too – the name of the open University on Telet

petla:  PӖT-lah – movement

quintana:  quĭn-TAH-nah – a type of tree that bears a fruit similar to nectarines

rahvelan:  RAH-vӗ-lahn – sunset

redeliks:  RӖD- rӗ-lĭks – a Teletian vegetable like peas 

rel-sha:  RӖL-shah – my son

repeka:  rӗp-ӖCK-ah – together

resh:  rӗsh – an exclamation meaning the equivalent of ‘well!’

sahkuvu:  sah-KOO-voo – the Teletian equivalent of bats (e.g. flying rodents)

sai:  sigh – it

saya:  SIGH-ah – colors

sayel:  sigh-ӖL – colorful

sem-sha:  SӖM-shah – my daughter

sha:  shah – my

shen:  shӗn – feeling

son-ésulesh:  sohn-ӖSOO-lӗsh – soul mate

sumaz:  soo-MAHZ – discover

sumri:  soom-rĭ – the same

t’kesek:  tĭ-KӖS-ӗk – a Teletian bird similar to a meadowlark

taveska:  tah-VӖSK-ah – rolling

thriel:  threel – third

tom-teka:  tohm-TӖK-ah – a Teletian card game similar to poker

vandun:  VĂN-doon – impenetrable

vash:  vahsh – water

ven-rayshet:  vӗn-ray-SHӖT – a phrase that means waiting for or delaying pleasure

vena:  VӖN-ah – fall, as in the season before winter

wetec:  WӖ-tӗk – we will


Teletor (TĔL-ӗ-tor) words

falor: fah-lor - keeper

garesh:  GAHR-ӗsh – destroyer

manimba: man-IM-ba – a colorful bird with wings that make a sound like a harp

mohr:  MŌHR – thrusts

ordak:  OR-dăk – fire or soul

orlish:  OR-lĭsh– flame

oz: ahz– an emerald colored gemstone

quichuk:  QUEE-chŭck – ardent

sa’Peckchau:  sah-PĔK-chow – Murmur’s towering Temple

targo: TAR-go -  a large, blue, venomous hornet

uleant: YOU-lee-ant – a bright orange and yellow flower


Xeran (ZĔ–răn) words

endora:  ӗn-DOH-rah – a type of plant used to treat firewood

Haigha:  HAY-ah – a young farmer who gives Sayel a ride

Lemtwist Havree:  LĔM-twist hahv-REE – the name of a town whose founder discovered endora oil