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- K. Kudukis

"I couldn't put it down."

I’m not a fan of series books:  I got embroiled with Jamie and Claire in the Outlander Series and got so annoyed with them and the mistakes they made time and time again that I vowed never to pick up another one.  They just never learned from their previous mistakes and I found myself yelling at them.  But R.L. Gray’s second book in the Ming Realities is very different from that – the characters are the ones I fell in love with in Ming but they are living a different existence in a parallel universe.  So all their mistakes are new to them and I can’t fault them.  LOL  I really enjoyed “knowing” the characters, but yet I didn’t.  The book is full of surprises and rich with detail of places that might exist somewhere.  R.L. Gray captivated me with her storytelling once again, and once again cost me some sleep:  I couldn’t put it down.

-  Arthur M.

"A darker, deeper sequel."

 “The second installment of the Ming Realities series takes a different tack from the first. This time around, Ming is still a healer, but her youthful impatience gets her in trouble. Now she's the one who needs to be saved. The book focuses more on the underlying, 4th dimensional fabric of the Mingverse, dealing with the logical end for a life drowning in selfishness, and subsequently, renewal that stems from true repentance. A darker, deeper sequel that continues the series with the same fascinating characters and their unique personalities.”

 - K. Souser

"Clever, humorous, and beautifully written."

“When I started MING I was a bit put off by its size and the sci fi genre of which I am not generally a fan. By page 86 I have to say I was captivated! Gray is a very skilled writer. I found it clever, humorous and beautifully written. What an imagination! It's like Narnia/Alice in Wonderland meets Person of Interest/Star Wars. Ming is a great read - fanciful, engrossing and fun. Terrific and gripping fantasy. Romance, mystery, space and time travel & a classic battle between good and evil. The concept of overriding good and beauty in the universe and the descriptions of multiple dimensions and realities were fascinating. As the Beatles would say or as perhaps Paradox would hum: "let it be!"

- S. Raible

"I need to know more about what is happening in Ming's world."

"MING is a novel that compels you to read it from beginning to end. It is one that is very difficult to put down because it is so fast moving, fascinating and intriguing. It has all the elements of an exceptionally good read. This is one of a small handful of books that I've read for hours, just to see how it turned out. Now I can hardly wait to read the sequel. I need to know more about what is happening in Ming's world."

-  Joey O. Smiley

"I am still totally mesmerized by the characters and their realities."

“Incredible!! Having just finished the book, I am still totally mesmerized by the characters and their realities. I have to admit to not being an avid reader, I took a bit of time to immerse myself in the characters and follow the story line. My schedule usually only allows an hour or so a day to reading. I thought I might never finish but found myself looking more and more forward to the continuing saga of Ming and her world. What a great story R.L., Thank you for sharing. I already have the soundtrack in my head for the movie. Get ready for a wild ride!”

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